At your world we value the experience of the participant above all.

Here is what they are saying?

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Brendan has a wonderful program. It can appeal to all ages. His personality and presentation are most engaging. He gives you a wonderful introduction to rhythm and the beat of the drum. This is a most positive program!

It was a very inspiring journey. Brendan has a beautiful way of connecting music with a powerful healing energy. I felt like a kid again. Released from the pressure. I am so filled with joy and thankfulness. This was a true blessing!

My first drum circle experience was healing, sensual, and emotional. It was truly beautiful, meditative and we were all in a peaceful loving space. Brendan is very inspiring and allowed us to be a part of his world. We are so grateful.

I enjoyed this tremendously. Please come back!

It was amazing to see the change in my energy and the energy of everyone in the room. I feel as adults it’s hard to allow ourselves to feel the kind of relaxation and fun, the pure fun, that was achieved in this experience. Thank you!! Great Feeling.

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Interesting Facts About Our Clients

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93% of our clients booked more than one session in 2013.

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75% of our clients referred us to friend.

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100% of our clients love drumming.

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