Find the Perfect Program to Fit your Needs

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Whether you are looking to make an event extra special, or for someone to work with your population regularly, Your World Drum Circles has you covered!


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66% of our clients book one or more sessions per month.

Benefits of regular bookings

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  • We will get to know you and become part of your community.
  • Regular bookings unlock the full benefits of group music making.
  • Let the participants shine with a yearly concert.
  • Become a Your World Drum Circles Empowerment Center.
  • We will work with your strengths to help all participants grow.


Sample Curriculum for Regular Bookings

[tab_title] Weekly Sessions [/tab_title]


Weekly sessions are a great way to get your population exposed to a wide variety of different activities, cultural games/songs, and exotic percussion instruments.

Weekly sessions allow us to personalize the music making experience. We get to know all participants, their likes/dislikes, abilities, and strengths. This information helps make the experience one of a kind.

The benefits of group drumming include; reduced stress, improved immune system function, improve coordination and cognitive function. The more you drum, the more benefits you will see with your population!


[tab_title]Month at a Glance[/tab_title]


May-Weekly Session Sample Curriculum

  • Drum of the Month: Maracas (Cinco de Mayo)/Snare Drum (Memorial Day marches)
  • Culture of the Month: Mexican/American
  • Artist: Mexican/John Phillip Sousa
  • Songs: Mexican Hat Dance, Viva Mexico (Mexican), Stars and Stripes Forever, The Washington Post (American)Bar Yochai (Lag B’Omer, Jewish Holiday)
  • Week 1 theme: Cinco de Mayo/Lag BaOmer (Jewish Holiday)
  • Week 2 theme: Mother’s Day
  • Week 3 theme: Memorial Day Prep/BBQ
  • Week 4 theme: Shavuot (Jewish Holiday)/Favorite Food of the summer


[tab_title]Monthly Booking[/tab_title]


Monthly booking is a great way to unlock the benefits of group drumming and personalize the experience. Make us one of the highlights of your monthly calendar.

We will go the extra mile to get to know each participant and make each program special.


[tab_title]Session Outline[/tab_title]


  • Stretches
  • Introduce Percussion Instrument/Culture of the Month
  • Hello Song
  • Ice Breaker Game
  • Theme Intro
  • Theme Song
  • Theme Question/Theme Answer
  • Songs of the Week
  • Goodbye Beat
  • Stretches


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One of a kind Your World Drum Circle Programs

Drumming and the Mind

Would you like to find out why the sound of a heartbeat relaxes us while an upbeat song leaves us feeling energized?

The special 90 minute half lecture/half drumming program will answer that question and many more. Join us in an interactive program that will lead you through a rhythmic adventure into the relationship between rhythm and it’s effect on the mind. Look back at how rhythm was used throughout history as a tool to alter consciousness and how it can be used today to reduce stress and raise immune system function.

This program was featured as part of the award-winning Glen Cove Senior Center continuing education program. Perfect for libraries and senior centers and other high-functioning populations.

Check Availability and Cost

Shake it Up

Part art project/part interactive drum circle, this two session program is perfect for mixed-age populations, schools, libraries, senior centers, and day-habilitation facilities. In addition to drumming all participants get to make and take home their own shaker. A wide variety of shaker choices allows each person to create one that fits their personality. Art time is filled with pleasant drum music and a good opportunity for participants to interact socially and get to know one another.

Check Availability and Cost


Brendan will lead your group through an interactive cultural experience learning the music and culture of a specific region. With two geographical curriculums to choose from, including lectures, performances, and a concert, this program is perfect for schools. Session options include West African Drum and Dance, or Brazilian, and can range in length from 1 to 5 days.

Check Availability and Cost